Oral Sedation

Do you feel anxiety, stress, or fear when you think about visiting the dentist? Many people experience dental phobia, but with oral sedation (oral conscious sedation), you can overcome this stumbling block and receive the dental work you need and deserve. We now know that oral health has close ties to overall health, so it is vital that you get the restorative dental work you need for a strong and healthy mouth.
Oral SedationOral sedation will allow you to feel peace of mind and body, even if you think this sounds impossible. Your Purcellville Dentist, Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway, will give you a small pill to take before your visit. You’ll need a ride to and from your appointment. Once you arrive, we’ll escort you to a comfortable room where you can relax. Dr. Christopher Salas and Dr. Nadia Armentrout will administer nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, to enhance the sedation. Our trained team will make sure that you stay comfortable and well cared for during your entire visit, though you may not remember it the next day.
To learn more about oral sedation, schedule a consultation with Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway. Dr. Christopher Salas and Dr. Nadia Armentrout have served Loudoun area patients for years. With a commitment to lifelong education, innovative technology, and extreme patient comfort, Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway transforms smiles and lives. Our dental office serves patients from Purcellville, Hamilton, Round Hill, Lovettsville, Harpers Ferry, and surrounding areas.

Our dental team looks forward to making your visit as comfortable as possible with oral sedation. If you suffer from dental phobia, we are sure that oral sedation is the option that will allow you to be calm and happy throughout the procedure to keep your oral health. Call Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway to at 540-338-3330 to schedule your comfortable and convenient appointment.