General Dentistry

General DentistryIf you’re seeking general dentistry services for you and your family, we know you want the best available care possible. At Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our general dentistry practice. We are a full-service practice. Each element of our office has been hand-picked and custom-created to offer our patients a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere in which to receive comfortable, comprehensive dental care.
At Dental Smiles, we know that many patients experience apprehension, and in some cases, genuine phobias, about receiving dental treatments. If you’re avoiding going to the dentist because of these fears, you are not alone. More than 75% of American adults suffer from some form of dental anxiety. We understand. That’s why sedation dentistry is one of our primary services at Dental Smiles. We can help you reach the ultimate comfort level to receive treatment using oral sedation and nitrous oxide.
We do not use amalgam for our dental fillings. We believe patients are right to demand tooth-colored restorations and that a natural-looking smile is a vital part of a vibrant and happy life in modern society.
At our Purcellville general dentistry practice, we seek to educate our patients about dental health, including proper oral hygiene at home and how you can receive comfortable care at Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway. We want to prevent dental disease as well as manage your existing dental issues.
The foundation of good dental health begins with your gums. Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding, swelling, reddening, and loosening of teeth. Gum disease must be treated, or you risk impairing more than just your oral health. Studies have linked gum disease to other ailments, including heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, joint problems, and respiratory illnesses. Dental Smiles offers periodontal therapy, which will reduce inflammation, remove bacterial infections, and return health to your gums.
At our Purcellville general dentistry practice, we want our patients to maintain the health, function, and appearance of their smiles. With our wide range of services, our desire to keep you informed about dental health, and our experienced dental professionals, we can create treatments to ensure your family’s continued oral health excellence.
If you reside in Purcellville, Hamilton, Leesburg, Round Hill, Charles Town, Lovettsville, and nearby communities, we invite you to seek general dentistry services from Dental Smiles at Purcellville Gateway. Request your appointment now! If you’re not in the Purcellville area, please consider giving our friends a call in Ashburn and Arlington.